Accelerate your business coaching skills

Business coaching is a distinct profession, demanding excellent and high-developed skills. Are you looking for a program that brings out the best coach in you?

Then look no further: The Coaching Alliance offers your perfect fit.

What is it all about?

The Coach Training Accelerator is a certified online program with 20 lessons on gradual level. Benefits include its efficiency, effectiveness and self-paced structure. What is more, you will graduate with a reputable coaching community. In a nutshell: you are in best hands here! 

Who is it for?

The program is designed for any aspiring coach with a strong desire to put acquired knowledge immediately into action. Also, it allows you to monetise your skills fast. Further, it’s all digital, so you can combine it to your current occupation. 

What can you expect?
  • 20 Lesson Online Graduate Level Program
  • 5 Multimedia Training Modules
  • 3 BONUS Self-Paced Interactive Courses ($560 Value)
  • Become a Coach in 20-Weeks
Program Structure:
  1. Coaching from the centre 

This first part is all about entering your business coaching journey in the right position. It focuses on you as a coach. This is your preparation phase.

2. Impeccable business sense

This part will help you to establish the right structures for your coaching business. You learn how to build a network, resources and establish the self-employed mindset.

3. Effective coaching tools

Next, you will accumulate skills on effective listening and asking questions – the core values of any coaching business. This chapter also provides coaching strategies.

4. Becoming a client magnet

Now, it’s time to attract the right clients for your business. Visibility, marketing and creating a referral stream are key concepts of this training stage. 

5. Masterful coaching sessions 

Last, but not least, you will become a coaching master. The last part of your accelerator program teaches you how to guide masterfully. It includes different coaching routes, as well as the 4 elements of the coaching model. You will complete the program equipped with all skills, tools and the mindset to be a formidable coach! 

Ready to accelerate your coaching career? Then check it out here