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Introduction to Richard

An Evening with Richard Bandler

Consider a magic show. The sparkles, the colors and the excitement. Think of that feeling of child-like wonder you feel when you watch the show. Now instead of pulling... read more

A Game Free Life

There’s no better place to get information than at the source. Dr Karpman himself, the creator of the Karpman Drama triangle, has written a book, “A Game free life,”... read more

The drug free and self help guide to curing depression.

You’ve tried the drugs and they make you feel like a zombie. You don’t have the time or the money to go to therapy once a week. You feel... read more

I Can Make You Sleep: Overcome Insomnia Forever and Get the Best Rest of...

Does lying in bed contemplating life sound familiar to you? Do you lie in bed and worry about things that have happened years ago and then wonder what the... read more

Namaste Yoga

Yoga is an inherently personal and spiritual practice. Many people devise routines that help them work through certain issues. That being said however Yoga is just as effective when... read more

Six Week Six Pack

Six Week Six Pack The six pack is the ultimate sign of fitness. Both men and women workout for hours in the gym to achieve it. The myth has been... read more
Clean language systematic Model

Clean Language Systemic Modelling

Clean Language Systemic Modelling, hosted by Catlin Walker, is a digital learning tool for all levels of learning which takes you on journey through the fundamentals of Clean Language. This... read more