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Freedom From The Known

Freedom From The Known

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What is "freedom"? Over the eons humankind has endeavoured to characterize freedom and comprehend what it means to really be free. Is it true that one is free when... read more

The Big Book of NLP

A short NLP seminar will cost you about $4500 but each technique in this book will cost you less than $0,25. If you are looking for the cook book... read more
The leader's guide to managing people

The Leader’s Guide to Managing People: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard...

The world is constantly changing. Education institutions can barely even keep up with preparing the youth for the future as most of the jobs of the future haven’t even... read more
Download the Happiness advantage

The Happiness Advantage

Very often, people think that happiness follows a specific formula. If one works hard then one will succeed. If one is successful then one will be happy. This, however,... read more

Turn Your Dreams and Wants into Achievable SMART Goals

Described as the goal setting bible, this book is perfect for managers, entrepreneurs, parents and anyone with a goal in mind. Scrap your current notions of goal setting and prepare... read more
S.MA.R.T Goals made simple

S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple

Every person has their own dreams and aspirations. It is part of the human condition. What sets apart the extraordinary from the mediocre is the ability to realise goals... read more

Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change

The world is constantly progressing and shifting: sometimes for the better and at other times, society falls back into more primitive paradigms. Symptoms of this change manifest in politics,... read more

Gifts Differing

The key to self-development is a deep understanding of oneself. For centuries humanity has worked on creating a system which can be used to categorize and subsequently understand one's... read more

A Game Free Life

There’s no better place to get information than at the source. Dr Karpman himself, the creator of the Karpman Drama triangle, has written a book, “A Game free life,”... read more

The Power of TED

The core theory of the Karpman Drama Triangle is based on the three roles of dysfunctionality: The rescuer, victim and perpetrator. This does sound quite negative, however there is... read more