The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Wisdom of the Enneagram is the principal conclusive manual for utilizing the knowledge of the Enneagram for profound and mental development. Whether you want to enhance your coaching skills or lead yourself down a more enlightened and healthier path, this book will be your guide.

The Enneagram has been used for centuries for self-development. Today it is still one of the best tools for personality categorization. It offers the most refined and user friendly representation of the concept while still maintaining the full integrity of the concept.

Enneagram experts have presented it flawlessly, making it accessible to everyone. Regardless of your current environment or mentality, it will teach you how to defeat your inward boundaries, understand your extraordinary gifts and find peace and contentment in life.

This book includes two precise tests to assess your personality type and presents you with a clear profile. The profile will give you insight how your type functions within yourself and with others. The tone of the book is very positive and provides solutions to all the problems your personality type faces. You’ll also learn about what makes your type fear, love, need and want.

The book includes these in-depth profiles for all the personality types. This will help you better understand your clients, family, friends and everyone else you cross paths with.

Loaded with modern ideas and procedures discovered nowhere else, The Wisdom of the Enneagram is a strikingly new combination of brain research, spirituality and psychology. It offers an energizing vision of human plausibility and an unmistakable guide to the nine ways of our most elevated self-articulation.

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