The Untethered Soul

For most people the experience of negative emotions is a regular occurrence. The question is, however, does it have to be so? Can one live in a constant state of peace? How does one overcome the boundaries one sets up for oneself? How does one access one’s full potential? These questions may seem simple in nature yet “The Untethered Soul” has some profound answers.  This book is all about transforming your relationship with yourself, so that you may transform the world around you. With the practice of mindfulness and meditation as well as the development of consciousness, one can let go of the emotions that limit us. One need not be a slave to one’s mind and emotions. Learn with this book how to let take your own power back so that you may enrich your life. Regardless of your religion, this book will help you connect with your inner spirit. Author, Michael A. Singer, is a spiritual teacher, Doctor of economics, Founder of a billion dollar company and he is the Founder of “Temple of the Universe”: A place where people can come to meditate and find inner peace. “The Untethered Soul “has been racked as #1 on the New York best seller list. Truly a profound and insightful book, “The Untethered Soul” is ideal for anyone wanting to explore their spirituality and find empowerment in their lives.

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