The Power of Now

With over 2 million copies being sold and 30 different translations, “The Power of Now” is one of the most popular books on self-development on the market! This book will take you on a deep insightful journey where you will discover the beautiful essence of who you are as well as truth and light.  The natural adversary to enlightenment is the mind. Depression makes one live in the past while anxiety makes one live in the future. The power of now teaches that by living in the present, one can find happiness. The mind is our source of sabotage and it prevents us from being happy. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety or any kind of trauma then this book will be a miracle for you. With the techniques presented in this book you will be able to uplift yourself and find contentment and peace within. The author, Eckhart Tolle, is a world renewed spiritual teacher and has been dubbed as the most popular spiritual teacher in the United States by the New York Times. Insightful and revolutionary, “The Power of Now” is the book to read.  Whether you are looking for a profound change in your life or just some general guidance, “The Power of Now” is your best bet.

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