The magic path of intuition

With the fixed idea that your supply comes from Infinite Intelligence, you will always be provided for, in both big and little ways. The big things in life will come easily if you have no doubts or fears. So live fully in today , and bring your future into the now.

Do you inherently believe that there is something deeper when it comes to decisions in life? That somehow, you already know from deep inside what is right and wrong? Can you actually imagine there being a deeper understanding of your unique path to follow?

Then you may as well believe in intuition. 

If so, we highly recommend “The magic path of intuition” to you. 

This book is by Florence Scovel Shinn, an extraordinary teacher within the field of spiritual growth. To her understanding,

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.


If you want to learn more about the power of intuition, that may appear magical to some of us, you should definitely read this book! 

The read will bring you closer to the source – and incredible power – of intuition at the same time. You will get to understand the laws behind intuition and how to apply them. Thus, you will get one step closer to designing the life of your dreams. 

Living fully in the now and making conscious decisions, one second at a time, is one of the great truths behind intuition. While making choices and speaking wishes, be aware that they may actually come true. What many people do not sufficiently understand: what we think (and speak) may actually come into existence!

Intuition can be the calm voice leading you to the incredible story of your life.

Readers of “The magic path of intuition” love the read for its profound wisdom. It will guide you to your heart’s true wisdom and unleash your personal, unique formula for success.


Follow the path to your own intuition here