Spiritual Intelligence Coaching

Intelligence: 3 concepts 

Intelligence is a complex definition. What makes a person intelligent? In school, we are measured by performance. Thus, it matters how well we do in maths, how well our English assignments are crafted and more. 

Later, in business life, emotional intelligence begins to significantly matter. Beyond performing well in KPIs, it is also about negotiation skills and working with colleagues. 

However, these understandings of intelligence are limited. When it comes to our own personal wellbeing, there might indeed be a third form of intelligence: spiritual intelligence. 

The 3Q Institute is based on this approach. It is a secular education platform, focusing on spiritual intelligence. In this understanding, IQ + EQ + SQ = 3Q, a wholesome approach to human intelligence. 

If you are currently at a stage in your life where you would like do dive a bit deeper into your potential, this tool may be the perfect start for you! 3Q training allows to work on the three principal dimensions of intelligence. Therefore, next to thought and emotion, you learn how to also broaden your knowledge of purpose on meaning.

How does it work? 

3Q Institute is an excellent address to work on your spiritual intelligence. The institute offers various solutions for different purposes. No matter if you see yourself as a student of intelligence or want to bring your colleagues to a deeper, level, too: you will find the right program here. 

If you find yourself deeply interested in performance and neuroscience, the MindMaster Experience may be the right track for you. Hereby, you learn how to think, feel, relate and therefore perform better. This approach focuses on your personal wellbeing. 

If you want to deepen your spiritual intelligence with a personal coach, 3Q Institute also got you covered. In intimate one-on-one sessions, you will deepen your learnings with neoro-feedback. Further, you can take part in a 3Q Practitioner course and become a spiritual intelligence coach yourself. 

Moreover, the programs cover you as a student of SQ and offers corporate services as well.


If you got curious and want to find out more, we recommend you check out the path to spiritual intelligence here