Lead a purpose driven life

Did you ever get a chance to think about the bigger meaning of your life? 

Chances are, you are here to live – to experience, love, have fun, be with people you admire. But what, if there is actually more to this life? 

We all have two lives. The second one begins when we realise we only have one. 

This life of yours, it is precious. It’s a gift. And a huge opportunity alike. Once you get to understand that everything is finite and you will most likely not live forever, you become ready to ask yourself: what is my purpose in this? 

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren addresses exactly this matter. The read quickly became a best-seller, reaching millions and making an impact in their life. 

Based on God seeking experience of life, Warren introduces you to the concept of being born for a purpose. To him, there is a greater good in your existence. With his book, you will learn to uncover the secret treasure of your own life. 

In his read, he covers aspects of seeking and finding this God and getting into a relationship. He then takes purpose one step further: you will learn what it means to grow, where to push harder and where to persist when you may feel like giving up. Additionally, he offers insight on transformation. Thus, you will read about how truth transforms you, how to defeat temptation and to learn from trouble. Warren introduces you to recognising your own assignment and accepting it. 

This book is a deep, insightful read into one of the greatest questions in life. Be sure, you will be transformed. 

Show me my purpose