Awaken with JP

Being ultra-spiritual has never been easier. Some may know JP Sears from his comedic YouTube videos such as “How to be Ultra spiritual” or “How to become Gluten Intolerant.” Though he is known for his sharp sense of humor JP is primarily a coach. With over 16 years of life coaching and being a spiritual guide JP really knows what he is doing. Personal growth does not have to be morbid and serious. JP takes a light and playful approach to growth while still maintaining a high quality of content. The best way to become “woke” is by subscribing to “Awaken with JP PremiumAF”. Once you subscribe to “PremiumAF” you’ll receive weekly videos containing important life lessons, interviews with interesting people, interactive Q&As and you will become part of a private community which will support you along your journey to becoming WokeAF. PremiumAF is designed to help you create a life of deep purpose that you actually enjoy every day. This channel and community will help you awaken all aspect of your life including: Your sense of purpose, wellness, career, self and relationships. Apart from this wonderful subscription you can also buy from JP’s website cool shirts to show of how spiritual you are, with shirts that say “Aggressive Yoga” or Namaste Bitch”. Though JP is filled with jokes and comedy, he and his videos are highly insightful. The spiritual journey does not have to be one of pain and suffering, with JP you will be smiling along the whole journey.

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