ASE Facilitator & Transpersonal Coach Training



The ASE (Authentic self-empowerment) Facilitator & Transpersonal Coach Training is a course programmed to help coaches reach a higher level in their professional and personal capacities.

The course is focused on healing, transforming and empowering yourself so that you may radiate the same onto others and help them on their own journeys. Though this certification is a standalone course it will help you become familiar with the foundations so that you may learn other coaching disciplines such as hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming.

Over the six days that you will spend invested in this programme, the first two days will be focused on mindfulness, raising your self-awareness and activating your inner healer. The rest of the course will focus on teaching you how to communicate these practices so that you may help others. No previous experience is necessary in order to participate in this course successfully.

For those who are already involved with coaching, this course will deepen your understanding. Presented by Hennie Geldenhuys, MD and Jevon Dangeli, MSc, Transpersonal Psychology, Certified NLP Trainer & Coach, this course is as authentic as it will teach you to be.

Upon registering for this course you will receive; more than 40 ASE training videos, the ASE Facilitator Training Manual, the Open Awareness Handbook, ASE Facilitator resources for personal & professional development, ASE Set – including 11 ASE audio-programmes and 3 ASE guide-books, 3 ASE supervision sessions (via Skype) following the course and Ongoing phone/skype and email support. The onsite programs can be taken in either South Africa (Cape Town) or in the UK (London). Further dates and prices can be found on the website.

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