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If you consider yourself religious, or even just curious about religion, reading becomes a powerful tool. Unfortunately, many book stores offer selected religious content only. Certainly, many bestsellers are online available. Nevertheless, it is great to have one website to know: anything you would find here, could be for you!

If you find yourself described in this, Ignatius Press is a great address to check out!

From books over audio, video and art – this site has all the religious input available you may be looking for. They offer an extra section for kids and religious education as well. Thus, you can benefit also in faith groups from this side. Ignatius Press is based on Christian faith. 

What we love about this page 

Ignatius Press keeps you updated when it comes to new releases and top featured books. You can subscribe to their newsletter to always be in the loop. If you want to take it one step further, join the book club they offer and surround yourself (online) with fellow book worms! 

Current recommendations 

If you actually like movies more than books, check out Unplanned. Named as the bestseller of the year and based on a true story, the film critically reflects the topic of abortion. Especially in 2019 when abortion laws have been controversially discussed around the world, we highly recommend to watch and ponder upon this movie! Why not invite your friends over and have an insightful night all together?



A most dangerous innocence is a great choice if you are more into fiction. The novel is based within Europe of the Second World War and portrays the perception of a sixteen year old British teenager. The novel around war, fear, mistrust and faith tells a moving story taking you into human fallibility and childhood guilt. A truly captivating read, especially for history lovers!  


Of course, you further find plenty of faith based classics on this website, too! 

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