A guide to pursue the work of your purpose

There is work, and there is your work. There are jobs to make money, and there are jobs to  pursue your own purpose. The great news: you can be both, purposeful and successful! 

About the book

The Purpose Path by Nicholas Pearce is a powerful guide to introduce you to a path that will lead you closer to your purpose. It is an inspiring manifesto on pursuing work on a daily basis that serves more than your bank account or your ego: true happiness requires more. 

It is with a vision of purpose we learn to thrive. To take your life a breathtaking flow – when small things will become tiny and the bigger picture will get you up energised and determined in the morning.

Purpose: an alignment

This guide is a gift that can help you transform your life by seeing it from a new, powerful angle. You will get to realise what you – as perfectly unperfect you may feel – are capable of achieving. It will challenge you to go the extra mile and not settle for less than your own purpose. 

The purpose path is all about being authentic. This path is not about perfection or the ideal outside of your life. This book will guide you to what may be greater than you ever expected and feel more real you could ever imagined. This book is about you, for you. 

Pearce helps you uncover all the hard questions in life: Who am I? And what am I here for? He will then introduce you to the concept of courage, because this it what it takes to live your greatest life. On the topic of alignment, he will guide you to the right path to untapped your own purpose. 

Purpose: a different perspective 

We love this book, as it covers the topic of purpose from a very professional, ambitious perspective. This book is aligned with you if work and business are important to you, and you want to make it count. Thus, it teaches you that purpose and success are not a choice you have to make, but rather go hand in hand.

What is more: with The Purpose Path, you can take your learnings to the next level. In an additional chapter, Pearce shares his insight on how to support others in finding their own purpose. Thus, you will not only be able to transform yourself, but also the people and organisations around you. 

Lead me to my purpose