Your first coaching steps

If you consider becoming a family coach, this book is the right start for you! 

The Early Childhood of Coaching is your guide for starting out. Becoming a coach is much more complex than one originally may have in mind. Nevertheless, it is an exciting journey! There are few other professions in the world, offering you the amount of freedom, purpose and positive impact as coaching. If you can see yourself as a coach, or, in fact, inherently know this is your purpose, we want to encourage you today to take the leap!

The greatest master started as a beginner once. It can be intimidating to start off a new journey. The more you read about it, the more it may seem, all the successful coaches out there have it all together. In fact, they started out once literally where you are now. 

Therefore, we want to give you some guidance at hand. Preparation is always the first step to great achievement. Early Childhood of Coaching can be understood as your first companion of this journey. 

What to expect from this book

Firstly, you will get an introduction to coaching itself. You learn about the research behind it and characteristics of effective coaching methods. Further, coaching is presented in comparison to other adult intervention approaches. These chapters will lay a theoretical foundation you require for a better understanding. 

Then, in a next step, you are exposed to strategies for learning the coaching process. The authors in fact give you a scale with different approaches. Thus, you learn about a variety of strategies and when to apply what. 

Furthermore, it becomes more specific. In later chapters, you learn about practices and requirements for coaching families, teachers and coaching as part of professional development. In an extra chapter, the authors further address the future of coaching, specifically with regards to coaching in early childhood development. 

This book is a great foundation to learn more about personal and relationship coaching – no matter if your aim is to address families, individuals or professionals as your clients. Step by step, you will learn fundamentals of coaching to build your knowledge. Within this process, you can easily find out if coaching others is the right calling for you. 

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