Untangle your unhealthy roots

Family is the first social environment we experience in life. Therefore, it impacts our selves greatly. The way you are brought up will teach you first lessons on your self worth, self-esteem and social interactions. 

Sometimes, our roots are not all ‘healthy’ and first experiences within family context can actually harm our capabilities for later life. 

This workbook addresses these issues. Family of Origin Work is aiming at assisting you to untangle any roots that may not benefit you in daily life.

Going back to your family of origin, your birth family, you will learn to have a closer look on interactions and family structures of your past. These structures, indeed, may still affect your current position or behaviour in social context.

Understanding what happened in the past, often times, is the first step to enable transformation in what is happening today. 

No matter if you had an absent parent during your childhood or a destructive constellation with a sibling: this workbook can help you identify these patterns. What is more, you will learn effective ways to change what may still affect you for the good.

What we love most about this tool: it is highly practical in its approach. You do not need to commit many hours or a lot of money to make use of it. Instead, it aims on assisting you in where you are at now – in an efficient way. 

If you can relate to unhealthy family patterns and want to finally break free to live your life to the fullest, you should try this workbook here