Hosted by dating and self-development coach, Anthony Robbins, Ultimate Relationships is a live mediated program for men in dysfunctional long term partnerships who are attempting to heal and rebuild their relationships.

With live seminar footage of interactions between couples with a broad range of dynamics and who really want to make it work, it presents a balanced view of issues from both sexes. Anthony Robbins uses fundamental principles of rebuilding relationships which enables the advice and tips to be applicable to almost any relationship problem.

Psychological Tools

In addition to relationship fundamentals, he also uses relatively sophisticated psychological tools which sometimes create intensity for the couples in mediation. Therefore, you should only attempt working through this program if you are fully committed to dealing with the root causes which may have led to the deterioration of your relationship. Couples should also be prepared to apply the psychological tools beyond the scope of the program and be willing to embrace their individual issues.

The Product

There are 6 DVD’s of these live mediated demonstrations; however it is also available as audio and comes with a workbook. It is highly recommended that you purchase the videos since you gain more insight into how he coaches them and to experience the body language and expressions communicated during the mediations.

Who is this product for?

The product is not only recommended for men in relationships but also for those who have a history of failed relationships and want to be better prepared for the next one. It is very useful for long term relationships with a lot of history which have become strained and tense by allowing issues to grow unattended. It could also aide men who hope to fine tune their existing relationships. More broadly, it could reinforce your view of the world; provide deeper insight into male-female relationships and how relationships fit into the rest of your life.

What you will experience

Women are complicated because of their torrential and unexpected emotions and men in relationships with them rarely challenge their moods. The coaching sessions with women allows you to experience some of the female perspective and see the effects of male behavior in response to different mood situations often displayed by women.

When watching and working through the videos, you will also find the coach pointing out examples, at times quite extreme ones, of women testing their partners in multiple ways. You will be able to relate to many of the examples and walk away knowing how and when to stand up to her without compromising the integrity of your relationship or belittling her perceived needs.

One of the things that make this program standout is Anthony Robbins ability to help men without making women seem like the enemy. While we know women present behaviours that men struggle to understand, men display a stubbornness to open up and talk. He coaxes and prods at both sides and competently and fairly addresses the needs of both partners.

“The only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.”

Check it out!