The Luscious Woman

Femininity and sensuality often go hand in hand. The archetype of the sensual Goddess is one experienced in all cultures. Most people will often admit that there is something intrinsically “sexy” about women. This inherent feminine Goddess has been both celebrated and feared over the centuries. While the sexual goddess archetypes lives within every woman, for some women this goddess is not that easy to access. The “Luscious Woman” course is for any and every woman seeking to empower herself sexually. Gone are the days were sex is purely a technique used to please men. While pleasure for both partners is an important aspect of sex, sexuality goes beyond the bedroom. This course will introduce you to the seven sexual goddess and teach you how they can help you embody your sexuality and express yourself fully as a woman! The goddesses represent fundamental psychic energies that you can draw on to awaken your sexual potential. Much of the female orgasm is a mental state. This course will teach you how to achieve a state of mind that will allow you to experience highly orgasmic sex. Included in this course are activities, mediation sessions, podcasts, transcripts, a copy of the book “Seven Sex Goddesses – sexual re-awakening for today’s woman” and much more. It’s time to awaken the inner goddess within with this amazing and empowering course.

I want to find my inner Goddess