The break-up manual for men

There are millions of guides out there how to handle a break-up, so everyone should be covered, right? Well, not quite. 

Most tools on overcoming break-ups are actually addressing women. Therefore, going through a break-up as a man can be a lonely road to go. 

After all, isn’t all the talk about feelings and emotions more a female thing? Not necessarily! Although a break-up may be not your chosen starting point of transforming your life to the better, it is your perfect chance to do so. 

Going out with your buddies, getting drunk once or twice and forgetting that ex over another girl may work. However, it is not the best approach to fully make use of your current break-up situation. 

If you want to actually use your last break-up as a chance to transform your life to the better, become happier with yourself and even find a new partner with whom you are happier with, we recommend this book!

Over the next few days and weeks, Andrew Ferebee will be your best buddy and personal coach in getting over her or him – better, than you may have ever expected.

With The Break-Up Manual for Men, you learn 
  • the hard-science behind break-ups
  • why you are going to thrive after the breakup
  • the real reason why you should wait before jumping back into another relationship
  • the facts on how long it takes to get over a break-up and when to start dating again

This book helps you to demystify the truth about why your ex has moved on and appears happy. Further, you learn unique ways to control your possible anger over the situation and how to get clear about your break-up. It’s your practical guide to get through this time stronger than ever before! 

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