The Art and Science of Coaching Couples

Created by The Coaching Alliance, The Art and Science of Coaching Couples is primarily designed for coaches who would like to help couples stay together and get through conflicts.

The program allows you to see what works, what does not work and how to give the struggling couple the tools to transform the state of their relationship.

While therapy and other alternatives sources of healing are great tools, the world has embraced the power of coaching. Relationship coaching has become paramount. While it does not seek to replace traditional forms of healing, it aims to help people learn better ways of dealing with issues they face in their relationships through practical and informed methodologies.

The Program
It is a 2-week course with 120hr per week tele-sessions and 1 hour per week self-study. Although the program seems short, it is recommended for established coaches who would like to enhance their skills in relationship coaching. It is also for those who would like to find a niche in Relationship Coaching. The program is hosted by Certified Coach and CTA Mentor Jackie Black.

The course is certified by the International Coaching Federation and meets the standards of Resource Development.

Why choose this program?
It is an affordable addition to your existing skill and could only add value to the work that you have already been doing.

Countless couples give up on relationships before it is truly over. The course aims to bring a sense of hope between couples who still love each other but may be dealing with too many negative feelings to clear a path back towards a joyful and loving relationship.

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