Tantra and Self Discovery

A wise man once said, “One cannot love another if one does not love oneself.” If one is filled with insecurities, these can manifest negatively in one’s relationship. Especially during intimacy. In some way of another we all have our insecurities. Modern day society teaches that one must be aggressively happy all the time. We must have the perfect relationships, jobs and lifestyles. If ones relationship is not great all the time then something is wrong with it. This is not true however. All relationships will experience ups and downs. The downs are not a sign of less love, but rather a sign indicating growth. This course will teach you that it is okay not to have the perfect relationship all the time. Learn how to “fight” in the tantric way. In other words learn to communicate authentically and get to the core issue instead of setting up artificial fronts to have conflict over. This course will teach you to accept your partner, listen to your partner and fight with your partner and any person in your life so it always results in a good bonding experience and solution. Apart from learning to deal with your partner this course will also teach you how to connect with yourself and strengthen your soul so as enhance sensations, namely those you experience during intimacy. With this course sex will become so much more than the mechanical action.

I’m ready to love