Talking to Toddlers: Dealing with the Terrible Twos and Beyond

Talking to Toddlers is a toolbox which teaches parents how to solve the most common communicative and behavioural problems they encounter with their little ones. Created by Author, Parenting Expert, Master Hypnotist and Certified NLP Practitioner, Chris Thompson adapts his knowledge of NLP,
Ericksonian Hypnosis and techniques of persuasion and influence, to engage with and better understand your children.

Communication and Behaviour

Children’s behaviour, especially toddlers, is purely driven by emotion. Unlike adults, they are not able to clearly communicate their needs with expressed language nor can they apply the logic needed to justify their actions. This naturally results in temper tantrums which is essentially an emotional outburst.

Parents often say ‘no’, and the child’s inability to apply the logic behind your ‘no’, and hearing it repeatedly, will create a sense of rebellion each time he/she hears it. We know that language is powerful and we should be aware of the different tactics we need to create the outcomes we want.

The Course

The course is accompanied by 12 audio tracks with video presentations and a workbook. Each lesson should take at least 20minutes per day.

What you will learn

 Why your children have behavioural problems.
 Improved communication techniques.
 How to create an emotional bridge with your kids to enable a better relationship.
 The word most often used which causes temper tantrums.

A simple example Thompson includes is an awareness of using double binds, a common family therapy and psychological idea and something parents also subconsciously do. It’s a no win type of situation where a child can become easily confused. If you say to your child, ‘go to sleep’, it is a command without
thought and while the child tries to do as he/she is told, forced to do something which comes naturally and not on command, it will cause negative feelings toward the parent.

While parents often do and say things without realising how it contributes to a child’s behaviour, Thompson encourages parents to focus on the things that work and to adapt their thinking on the areas which are problematic. Many parents who have worked through the program have found that within the first few days they are already seeing a change in their child and have been able to see what they
have been doing wrong.

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