Talk Now

Created by a concerned dad struggling with a toddler experiencing speech delay, Talk Now is a system reengineered around his family’s experience of seeking help from speech therapists, SLP’s (Speech Language Pathologists) and books. It also combines techniques from business processes to create a program a bit more effective and less costly than speech therapy.

The Effects of Speech Delay

Research suggests that up to 30% of children who do not get treatment for speech delay won’t catch up to their peers and could experience persistent language, reading and writing challenges at school.

Additional effects of speech delay could also include reduced brain activity and their social development and ability to interact with other kids. Their inability to communicate their needs effectively at this stage of their development could also make it more likely that they will have tantrums and act out, have a lack in self-confidence and be delayed in potty training.

The Causes of Speech Delay

Some potential root causes are: hearing loss, learning disability, intellectual disability, prematurity, autism, auditor processing disorder, selective mutism and apraxia of speech.


The system is divided into three parts: A Strategy Guide, The Core Program and a Success Tracker.

Talk Now Strategy Guide

Using leading techniques of mental preparation from NLP, best practices from process development, and a roadmap to keep you on track, this guide is indispensable in guiding you throughout the next two parts of the program. It is encouraged to often to refer to the manual and print the recommended charts and tables.

Talk Now Core Program

The Core Program is an optimization of the SLP techniques experienced and researched. It is organized to align with the specific stage of speech development you are attempting to fix.

You will discover:

The First Stage – Techniques used to aide your toddler when they are barely or just beginning to use single words.

The Second Stage – Techniques to progress to two word sentences.

The Last Stage – Creating multi-word sentences and more complex words.

Talk Now Success Tracker

The tracker helps to ensure that you are on the right track and allows you to course correct when you’re not making any progress. You can keep track of their word progression with various stats on the number of words or word combos they have.

The End Result

You will see your child’s emotional health blossom as their speech improves since they will be able to communicate their needs more effectively. You will experience a decline in tantrums, be able to potty train much quicker and they will develop relationships at day care a lot easier.

The program requires commitment and self-motivation with the patience to work through the techniques until it becomes routine. There is a long journey ahead, with many frustrations but the success of each new word learned will make you immensely proud of your child.


The download is instant and you will get all three manuals in PDF format.