Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Solutions is an extensive course to help in resolving and dealing with power struggles with your kids. It has made a difference in the behavior of children in over 75 000 homes since the start of the program. Above all, it is a great resource for parents to understand and change the way they communicate with them.

Parents work tirelessly to manage the varied demands of their children. While some days are better than others, for the most part their behavior seems irrational. Generally, this leaves you feeling frustrated and stressed. As a result, you convince yourself that either you have a bad seed or that you are a bad parent. None of this is true. There is a root cause and solution for most of the challenges you face.

The Course

It is an online course with 7 sessions of content which you can complete at your own pace. The course includes very specific techniques which have been tried and tested and is based on a combination of parental experiences and psychology.

You will learn not only how to respond, but know the exact words to use in confrontational situations. Knowing what to say and when to say it can be a relief during high-stress tantrums or fights.

There are more than 37 tools, 49 videos, workbooks, assessments, over 25 power struggle modules with an interactive app. Also, there is a great support system with live coaching for a year, a client care team, newsletters, a library of recorded coaching calls and a private facebook community.

Course contents include:

  • The psychology behind troubling behavior and why birth order matters.
  • Parent personality assessment and how you are possibly contributing to misbehavior.
  • Encouraging and empowering your kids without breeding entitlement, why rewards do not work and insight into their allowance.
  • Dealing with the toughest power struggles, mastering routines and implementing consequences.
  • Handling extreme behaviours, their need for attention, backchatting, negotiating and revenge behavior.
  • Sibling Rivalry and Conflict resolution.
  • Problem Solving, instilling empathy and family negotiations.
  • How to avoid going back to your old habits of nagging, yelling, punishing with strategies for long-term parenting success.

Advanced Modules

In addition to the 7 sessions, there are advanced modules with more great content. For example:

Being on the same parenting page with your partner, bullying, chores, technology, ADHD 101, divorce and parenting, homework hassles and talking about sex.

Perhaps you have tried everything and feel like you are not winning. Maybe you are simply exhausted. This guide can help you feel less overwhelmed, energized and more in control. Like most things in life, for change to happen, you need to commit, work through the course material, be honest about the things you may need to change and improve the familial state of your home.

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