Speak love in a way your partner understands

No matter in which area of life: relationships are all about communication. What seems flowing for some people, can appear difficult for others. Especially in romantic relationships, misunderstandings can be an area of hurt feelings and disappointment. 

If you love your partner to bids, but sometimes feel like you don’t get them. Or, on the other side of the story, you feel misunderstood or neglected within the relationship: Chances are, you and your partner speak different love languages.

The concept

The concept of love languages is based on the assumption that people experience being loved – and express their love for others – in different ways. In fact, there are supposed to be 5 universal love languages. These are: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts,  acts of service and physical touch. The concept of these 5 languages believes that each person has one – or more – preferred ways to express their love and to receive love in return. 

Different love languages, unhappy relationship?

In practice, this may mean that you need physical touch to feel loved. A hug, a kiss or just being physically close to your partner may reassure you to be loved, cherished and save. Your partner, on the other hand, may be a person of quality time. So maybe they are not as physically affectionate as you wish them to be, but rather want to go outdoors with you a lot, spend time in nature together or go to concerts. 

On a daily basis, this relationship could mean that one partner wants to go out a lot, the other possibly wants to stay more in private. Both may have the best intentions for each other and the relationship, but feel misunderstood – and possibly even not loved – by the other. Misunderstandings and conflict may occur. And even though you both deeply love each other, you may even get to doubt the relationship.

About the book 

If you can relate to a scenario like that, chances are, you are in a relationship with a partner speaking a different love language to yours. 

With her best-selling book The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman introduces you to the concept of these 5 languages. We love this tool, as it is based on a strong theory and includes highly practical und relatable advice at the same time! 

Not only will it teach you to understand and un-clutter your own relationship based on the 5 languages of love. What is more, you will be able to learn more about yourself. You learn what your love language is and, as a result, what your needs are. With this book, both partners can learn about each other – and then learn from each other. This tool is perfect if you are in a relationship with somebody expressing their love differently to you. But all in all, you are happy together and want to learn how to make each other happy (again). 

There is one key to happy relationships: understand the language the other person speaks and learn to express love so that they understand you! 

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