The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing

By Kimberly Ann Johnson

The Fourth Trimester is a guide for postpartum healing based on various holistic methods. The author uses knowledge gained from her experience over the years as a doula, postpartum consultant, yoga teacher and health care advocate.

Postpartum healing can last anywhere between a few months to a few years and mindful care should be shown to your body as it heals. It affects the entire being, from your spirit to physical body, emotions and your relationship with your partner.

So much time and energy is invested in the newborn, as it should be, but new moms and her support system, forget that she also needs to be taken care of for as long as it takes for her to heal.

While the maternity hospital will send you home with some advice and maybe medications, salves or prescriptions, Johnson offers options from Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicines and herbalism. More and more women have embraced alternative treatments, since pharmaceuticals are known to have side effects which could harm your baby if you are breastfeeding or affect your already vulnerable state.

It also covers preparing your body for birth, organizing your home as you transition into motherhood, having sex again and how to comfortably carry your baby.

With simple practices, safe exercises and home remedies shared, your healing and energy could be restored a lot sooner, allowing you to enjoy things you did prior to birth or pregnancy.

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