Kids in the House

An award-winning parenting resource, Kids in the House, created by a busy mom, Leana Greene, is an educational website aimed at improving parenting in entertaining, informative and engaging ways. With over 9000 videos by 500 experts across professions, it is one of the most comprehensive platforms for parents to find help and advice.

One of the things that stand out about this platform is its usability. Not only are the webpages creative in its design, the navigation through its many portals are easy and user friendly. In addition to this, the sheer amount of resources means this should be your first stop, allowing you to spend less time looking for a solution and more time with your child/children implementing it.

The Experts

The experts range from pediatricians, therapists, coaches, authors, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, anthropologists, educators, lecturers and neuropsychologists. There is even an FBI agent, a violence expert and celebrity moms.

Actress’ Elisabeth Rohm, Tiffani Thiessen and Ricki Lake share their personal challenges and fixes for struggles they have faced with their own children. Author of the No Cry Sleep Solution, guides you through this frustrating process and Peaceful Parent Happy Kids author shares insights from her book. The FBI Agent makes you aware of potential signs and dangers to better protect your kids and the psychologists and psychiatrists help you deal with all kinds of emotional distress and mental disabilities. The advice presented by these experts is endless.

What else does Kids in the House offer?

Kids in the house offer so much more than videos:

  • A built in parent-to-parent networking forum
  • An embedded Kids in the House live TV channel
  • Award winning toys
  • Baby, kids, family and sports products
  • Board games
  • Customizable video playlists

A diverse platform of resources for issues from pregnancy to college, Kids in the House truly is a one stop shop for parents struggling to cope. While parents battle with time, juggle jobs, deal with sickness, homework, manage more than one kid at a time and try and hold onto their relationships, a place such as this can truly help them feel more in control of taking better care of their families.

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