Rated as one of the top online dating services, OkCupid is modern, edgy and very easy and fun to use. One of the best things about the app is that it not only caters to heterosexuals but all genders, as well as LGBTQ and those identifying as non-binary. It is one of the few apps that has opened up gender matches so extensively and is one of the reasons the service is so popular.


Many people avoid the tiresome process of registering web profiles, either complaining it is too time consuming or seemingly pointless. A necessary part of the process, registration allows the app to better find your match.

OkCupid’s initial registration is much quicker than others. There are not as many questions and quizzes as competitive services and the profile information required is very intuitive.

Finding you Match

Statisically, OkCupid matches are much higher than almost any other online dating service. With its brief but in-depth profile process, there are not as many hoops to jump through as you will find on other sites.

Once you have set-up your profile, choose one of 4 options for the kind of relationship you are looking for, then write a brief biography. Next is a set of questions to be answered from the perspective of a possible match. It requires some thinking, but is mostly fun and engaging.

Once completed, upload your photos, fill out the information you choose to share and let the match begin.

You can only send messages to people who you have liked, consequently decreasing the unsavory responses heterosexual women are flooded with.

Subscription vs Free Membership

Unlike many top rated online dating services, there is very little difference between being a free or subscribed member. One of the main differences is that with paid membership you will receive an ad blocker and you will be able to see who has liked you.

Why OkCupid?

Besides the affordability, the more modern approach and profiling systems, it has a proven track record of creating all kinds of relationships across the gender barrier.

Find your match!