Navigating through the dating jungle

Dating, single, in a relationship, separated, divorced, in love again. Love has so many stages and phases throughout life. No matter where you currently are, this book is a perfect choice! is a guide through the jungle of love in today’s time and age. Taking into account the challenges that arise with digitalisation, this book makes the perfect read for you today. Although we all seem more instantly connected via social media and platforms, many people actually feel more alone than ever. 

With all-time presence of Instagram, Facebook and dating platform, the pool of options seems unlimited. How to find the right partner in this sea of fish? And, what is more, is there still true commitment if anybody seemingly can be replaced so easily? 

If a happy relationship is a goal of yours, this book provides an excellent skillset through the different stages of dating. Thus, the read is paying attention to the four relational phases of most human beings: from singleness over dating, being engaged and getting married. 

About the book

The bestseller is divided into the 4 major phases of human relationships. Firstly, you will learn about the importance of single phases. The author pays attention to devotion and what you can take out of these times. Thus, you will learn about the purpose to find behind being single. After all, this period is the best time to get to know yourself and your needs better. 

Secondly, the book focuses on dating: the time of evaluation. On the one hand, you receive important guidelines on how to choose the right people to date. Furthermore, the book has a closer look on how dating can be done to ensure it makes both people happy.

In further chapters, the phases of engagement and marriage are covered. Hereby, you get more insight into what it means to build a union with the person of your choice and the mission about marriage. 

Why we love this book

Not only is it directed to dating in the jungle of options in modern times. is an empathetic – and fun! – read bringing lightness to a topic that we all, at some stage, may wonder about. 

If you are looking for a perfect guide to a happy love life, find the bestseller here