Mindful relationship habits: for lasting love

Relationships can be so easy in the beginning: everything is new and exciting and you feel like being on cloud 9. Finally, you found this partner who you can see yourself with. Not only for now, but also for the future. It will be over time, that small things come up and you actually realise: this person is a 100% human being, flaws included. 

Nothing to really worry about: small challenges in relationships are perfectly normal. On the opposite, they may even be healthy. When two people come together, it involves a continuous process to shape a life as a couple. 

If you are already for a bit in your relationship and want a great tool to set the tone anew, we found the perfect book for you. Mindful Relationship Habits by S.J.Scott offers you 25 practices to strengthen your relationship bond. It will help you in situations where you may feel disconnected to your partner and allow the two of you to strengthening your bond and finding back to each other. 

About the book

This book is your perfect guide to implement mindfulness within your relationship with your significant other. By reading and applying it, you will first learn why mindfulness matters and what it actually means. Then, this book will guide you step by step to implement a mindful vision for your relationship. You basically get the chance to set a new ground! 

With 25 practices, you then learn how to actively pursue this mindfulness together. The practices reach from being respectful and mindful to cherishing each other and how to implement touch as a strengthening force within your relationship. The results: you will see how little adaptions can nurture your relationship – no matter, if you are more or less freshly dating or have been married over a long period of time.

In a nutshell

We think this book is especially great for its compact form and practical nature. Thus, it includes necessary theory, but is based on how you can actually make small changes within your relationship that matter. The authors are well aware of busy schedules and everyday life. Therefore, this book is no idealism. It is a practical guide on how to get back closer to your partner, how to become mindful about each other – and will allow you to build or re-build a stronger relationship in everyday life. Human flaws and everything included. 

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