Master Sexpert Training

Master Sexpert Training for Sex Coach Certification is a combination of relationship coaching and sex education. Unlike sex therapy, which tries to fix past sexual experiences, sex coaches focus on future relationship goals. Besides that, the sex coach certification also allows you to become an educator, blogger, sexuality expert, sensual empowerment coach or sex health educator.

Many couples, after a certain period of time, experience a lull in their sexual activity which could cause all kinds of problems in the relationship. While most people lead busy lives trying to balance work and family, sex becomes an afterthought, a rushed and dutiful experience, instead of the intimate shared experience it should be.

The Course

The Master Sexpert Training Program is an online course with ebooks and multimedia course materials. It is designed by well-known sex therapist, author and public speaker, Dr Ava Cadell. She is accompanied by some of the most acclaimed sexperts in their various fields by hosting presentations or through their ebooks, documentaries and audio programs.

The course follows SMART learning objectives and upon certification gives you continued education credits. Coupled with that, the program meets the requirements of AASECT (The American Association of Sexuality Educators and Therapists) and is eligible for credit at the American College of Sexologists.

Course Content

There is a large list of course content, some of what you will learn is:

  • Kissing: Identifying the physiological effects of kissing, different kissing techniques and even historical kissing events.
  • Foreplay: Identify ways in which partners can communicate their foreplay preferences, breathing exercise which enhances foreplay with at least 10 activities considered to be foreplay.
  • Self-Pleasure: How masturbation contributes to health, the difference between ejaculation and orgasm and avoiding vaginal infections.          
  • Pleasing a woman: Steps toward intimacy, the qualities which women look for in a partner and how stimulating all five senses can arouse a woman.
  • Pleasing a man: How erotic talk enhances a man’s sexual excitement, identify various types of physical touch and how to stimulate and arouse the prostate gland.
  • Fantasies and Role-play: Develop a plan for couples to explore their fantasies, how female sexual fantasies were created during the Victorian era and academic findings on sexual fantasy.

Together with the above, the course also includes erotic massage, oral pleasure, the g-spot, playful positions, power play, adult toys, safer adult play, boundaries and taboos, back door play and the big ‘O’.

If you are enthusiastic about helping couples with one of human nature’s most basic, primal needs, then this course is for you. With cutting edge sex education, it begins with history and ends with the most recent studies where you can become empowered with real sexual knowledge.

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