Learn to disconnect from toxic relationships

Creating healthy relationships is an essential part of building a life of happiness.

However, many of us made experiences of disturbing relationships. If you are currently in any relationship – romantic or friendly nature – which feels more dragging than uplifting, this class is for you.

How to recognise a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships can come in many forms. One the one hand, you can be in a toxic relationship with a family member, e.g. a sibling or parent. On the other hand, toxic relationships also happen in friendships. Further, your significant other may be the toxic person in your life. The first way to recognise a toxic relationship is by the way you feel when being with this person. People who are toxic for you tend to belittle you, ignore your boundaries or make you feel constantly bad about yourself. Toxic behaviour in relationships include emotional abuse, verbal abuse, narcissism or physical abuse. 

Why it is harmful for you 

The most basic reason first: toxic relationships make you feel bad. And you shouldn’t. Life is too short to spend around people who constantly drag you down. On a more psychological level, toxic relationships can be damaging. Many times, they evolve around insecurity, dominance and control. Therefore, generally insecure or sensitive people may be trapped more easily in a toxic relationship. These people usually pay more attention to harmonic interactions. Thus, they often put ‘peace’ in front of their own needs. Toxic relationships, however, are as the word says: toxic. Slow by slow, they damage or destroy your self-confidence. Consequently, you may feel too insecure to leave this relationship at some point, believing not to find any other friend or romantic partner. This is part of the abusive character of such a relationship. It is, however, never too late to find your way out. 

What you can learn from this class 

If you feel trapped in a toxic relationship, you may want to make sure to find your way out. Often it is helpful to consult a psychologist who can objectively analyse your situation and make a plan with you to exit this relationship. (You can find a qualified psychologist here)

If you are not quite sure yet if the relationship you think about while reading this actually is toxic, this online class can be your first step to learn more. 

Disconnecting from Toxic Relationships is a class by Udemy that is both, easily accessible and affordable. It comes with a 1 hour on-demand video and 5 downloadable resources. These are instructed by a Spiritual Teacher and speaker who experienced toxic relationships during her childhood and is sharing her research and learnings. 

Throughout the class, you can expect to learn to: 
  • Attract higher vibrational experiences
  • Feel energetically lighter
  • Recognise toxic relationships
  • Disconnect from toxic relationships
  • Identify harmful belief systems that attract negative experiences
  • Reprogram negative belief systems and behavioural patterns
  • Techniques to help you keep your vibe high and thoughts positive

If you want to find out more, check the online class here