Kama Sutra

The western world has a somewhat conservative view of sex. Some say that it is something that should be done under the covers with the lights off in missionary style. Take a quick flight to the other side of the world and one will find that there are more “liberal” cultural views on sex. Believed to have been written between 400 BCE and 200 CE in Sanskrit, the ”Kama Sutra” is one of the most sexually enlightening books ever written. From explaining steamy sex positions to describing the inter-spiritual dynamics of sexual energy the “Kama Sutra” is the ultimate guide on sex. The only problem is that this book can be quite advanced in its principles for some. That’s why the “Kama Sutra: Kama Sutra for Beginners, Discover The Best Essential Kama Sutra Love Making Techniques” is so wonderful. This book will explain the philosophies explored in the original “Kama Sutra” in a simplistic and comprehensive manner and teach you exciting new positions that require zero flexibility. For those who are not so interested in the intricate esoteric views of sex, this book is ideal with its many day to day applications in both your casual and sexual lives. However for those who are interested in the esoteric aspects of the “Kama Sutra” this book does contain brief and basic descriptions of these philosophies that will leave you wanting to do deeper, in all ways. From curious teens, to the long timed married couples seeking to spice up their bedroom skills, this book is guaranteed so revolutionize your sex life.

Let’s spice things up!