Carlos Cavallo, acclaimed dating guru reveals the ‘Secret Signal’ in a complete tutorial for women over 30 to evoke feelings of desire, love, connection and gratitude from the men they desire. The tutorial attempts to help you get inside his head, learn a few techniques to capture his attention and more importantly, to make it last.

Women grapple with the thoughts of the men which they have been or become involved with. An endless list of questions pass through their minds to better understand why someone may or may not want to be with them. Many women feel inadequate and believe that they are either not pretty, thin or young enough. While their insecurities may be true in some instances, from the perspective or lesser men who make fickle choices, most of these ideas stem from society’s perceived standards of attraction and not the psychology of a man.


Cavallo aims to prove through his insights that beauty is not the standard for the partner choices which men make, that there is something beyond looks which attract them.

Herein lies the ‘Secret Signal’, which he believes comes from a man’s need to feel safe.

To remove his reluctance, resistance and doubts, especially during that first date, there are revealing techniques where you can learn exactly what in a woman can make a man feel so safe and secure that he would begin to prioritise her presence in his life.

The tutorial includes video coaching tutorials, an e-book and an audio version of the program with bonus material:

  • What Men Want – The Secret Psychology of Men EXPOSED – What men think, why they think it, and how you can know his heart inside and out.
  • The Red Flag Report – Knowing which men to avoid.
  • How To Get Him To Finally Read Your Mind And Get What You Want Without Having To Ask Him – How to communicate your needs without feeling needy or pushing him away.

Even though both women and men share this desire to be safe, for guys it is different. While women want to feel physically protected, men need to feel emotionally safe and not feel exposed or humiliated. The same way in which societal conditioning has impressed upon us that physical attributes are what attracts men, it has also conditioned both women and men into believing that all men should be macho, strong, silent types.

The tutorial promises to reveal the secret signals related to this idea and so many more tactics and techniques to have him fall helplessly inlove with you.