Heal your family with systemic coaching

Family is our first – and one of the most shaping – social environments we experience in life. Therefore, a healthy family constellation is crucial for all other relationships and human interactions we encounter. 

Not always, family is a nurturing ground. The relationship with different family members can be complex. However, you have the ability to change this! 

Creating a nurturing bond with family members is an ongoing process. Indeed, it is often in adulthood we are able to initiate positive, healing change. With more life experience and reflection, one can approach family constellations from a different angle. 

If you currently feel stuck with your own family or members of it and want to transform this relationship, we found the perfect book for you. 

About Systemic Coaching & Constellations 

Systemic coaching is a coaching form which is specifically applicable for groups, but for individuals as well. Originated in Europe by Bert Hellinger, the approach suits families and organisational systems alike. The coaching process is hereby regarded from the viewpoint of seeing the individual as part of a larger system. One the one hand, this can be a professional system, being a member of a team in the workplace. On the other hand, even in adulthood, we all remain part of a family system. 

Constellations address the mapping of relationships within these systems. It is a practical way to analyse the positions of individuals within a system. 

What to expect from this book

Systemic Coaching and Constellations is an all-round approach to transform your social system or those of your clients. The book is an in detail guide, giving both, theoretical background and practical guidance. Since the book requires a bit deeper understanding of psychological and coaching approaches, we recommend it for advanced students in this area or coaches. 

The essentials to take away from it 

Systemic Coaching and Constellation is the perfect book for you if you are looking for an all-in-one solution. Firstly, it introduces you to systems in general. Thus, you get a better theoretical understanding of the topic. Then, you will go back to the origins and learn more on essential subjects for human development. This includes topics as belonging, guilt, loyalty and growth within social settings. The second part of this book is dedicated to practical learning. Thus, you are given the resources to start your own family mapping. Hereby, you will be able to figure out areas in which healing or transformation may be necessary. In a later chapter, you moreover learn best approaches to strengthen the resources of your family setting. What is more, you can also apply this book to your professional settings. Within the third part, you learn different workshop applications for teams and organisations. 

This is for you, if …

… you want to learn more about family constellations and apply learnings within your own context. This book is the perfect fit if you are eager to read more and understand the subject fully. Further, this is the perfect book if you are a coach and want to apply systemic constellations in your work with clients.

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