Get your POWER back

If you have been in relationships in your life – romantic relationships, family relationships – chances are, you encountered a toxic person. One kind of toxic relationship behaviour is narcissism. If you have been close to a narcissist before, you will know what it means to suffer from it.

One feature of narcissism is manipulation. These people know how to trigger your deepest fears and make you feel co-dependent. Sadly, being with a narcissist often makes you feel trapped, helpless and results in a loss of your own self-esteem. With emotional mind games, such people literally make you feel trapped. 

Power: Surviving & Striving After Narcisstic Abuse is a book by Shahida Arabi addressing survivors of narcissistic relationships. It is an empowering and inspirational read, teaching you how to claim your power back. If you experienced a narcissistic relationship before, this book can help to set you free.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is a trauma of its kind that needs recovery. First, you will need to learn how to break free. To end the circle of hurt and be your own person again. Then, once you are out, you will learn how to heal. Only with a healing period, you will be able to love and be loved again – in a healthy way. 

Power: we love this book

We love this book and highly recommend it to you because: this is your power tool! In an empathetic way, the author portrays what it can mean to be in a narcissistic relationship. Thus, you will learn: you are not alone. Thousands of people experienced something similar  as you. And: this is not the end of the world. Instead, breaking free is your ticket to a new beginning. 

Reading this book, you will feel understood – and learn to understand. Arabi gives new insight on what it means to be a survivor. Further, she is empowering all readers to learn to thrive (again). 

This book covers multiple areas of narcissism: from romantic partners over narcissistic parents, emotional to financial abuse: the author gives great context to understand the areas you have suffered before. By learning about what happened to you was actually wrong, you will also learn the behaviours that are right instead. 

With a great chapter on healing, you will then get to understand what it takes to become emotionally ‘healthy’ again and leave the trauma behind. Adding effective self-care tips, you further learn how to protect yourself in the future of any narcissistic abuse. 

Thus, this book will give you your power back: to understand, break out, heal and begin anew! 

Claim your power back!