EHarmony is one of the world’s oldest and leading dating apps for heterosexual singles seeking long term relationships. It is a paid subscription service which allows the app to avoid casual browsing, ensuring that only serious people are using it. It is very user-friendly especially on the android version.


Once you have selected your gender and after the usual set of registration questions, you will begin to answer a set of essay like questions which are compulsory and provides a lot of insight into your personal values and belief systems. Examples of the type of essay questions are, “What are you passionate about?” or “What are the things you are thankful for?”.

Finding your match

One of the things which make this service so successful is the personalized questionnaire from which your matches will be based on. Based on your answers to very specific relationship and personality quizzes, the app will find the best answers, closest to your own to locate your potential matches from anywhere in the world.

The Compatibility Quiz

Reminiscent of the Myers-Briggs Test, a psychological tool which analyses your personality with a standardized set of questions, you must answer about 100 questions to gauge your compatibility with your selected match. It is very important to be honest and as self-reflective as possible during this part of the process.

Subscription vs Free Membership

Online dating can be a minefield of chancers and eHarmony is renowned for its secure matching processes. While a basic free option is offered, it is very limiting and will not benefit the user as effectively as a subscription would.

As a subscribed member you will also be able to view all the activity on your profile and see when you’ve received a message. In addition, you will be able to see who has viewed you, liked you or smiled at you. or when you have received a message. Updates on matches are also far more regular and exact if you’re a paid member. As a free member you will not be able to see photos of their potential match.

There is also the option to select the premium subscription which will allow you to get read receipts for messages as well as the ability to browse incognito.

Why eHarmony?

Unlike many dating apps, eHarmony really uses extensive and quantitative data to help you along in your search for your mate. While it may seem like a cold process to some and non-traditional for others, it does a thorough job of weeding out matches you may not have found in your busy or secluded life.

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