Amie, your dating coach

Is dating something that excites and scares you a bit at the same time? 

Did you actually go on a few dates recently, but it always seemed to be with the wrong person? Or are you actually getting to the point where you doubt that there is the one for you still out there? Not to worry!

Possibly everybody who is in a great relationship or wants to get into one has been at this point at some time. Dating can be a jungle from time to times. With a lot of advice out there, it is further complicated to find the right sources to trust. Should you be your own woman or are you supposed to not chase him? Should you treat her like a lady or do you have to keep your options constantly open? It’s challenging.That’s also what Amie thought. And decided, to put an end to this challenge from her side. May we introduce: Amie, your dating coach. Amie is a Certified Master Relationship and Mentor Coach and active member of the International Coach Federation. She has been named as one of Los Angeles’ best dating coaches and featured in US and International media multiple times. Thus, she is your woman to trust. 

What Amie offers 

Amie’s approach is all about self-awareness. To her, dating the wrong people has a lot to do with how you (unconsciously) currently see yourself. Your self-image may be a hidden reason to attract the wrong people then. On the flip side of the coin, however, this can be changed. By making yourself more aware of your own image and needs, you can then attract more suitable partners as well. 

Amie offers you three different dating coaching packages. 

If you are interested in online dating, you should check out her Woman’s Handbook to Online Dating. It will give you all the tricks, dos and don’ts of the online dating world. The e-book is the perfect navigation to finding love in digital space. 

Further, she offers great advice on setting up a killer profile online to attract the right men. Her structural guide here aims in finding lasting love by the impression you leave behind. In 60 live minutes, Amie will create a killer profile together with you. This package comes with many bonus tools, e.g. a red flag list whom to avoid on your dating journey. 

If you are about to make the next dating step the lasting one, you should check out her package Jump Start Your Love of Your Life. Hereby, Amie coaches you through your journey. In a first step, you will work out your level of readiness for serious commitment together with her. This helps you to then gain clarity over fitting choices for you, to boost your self-esteem and become the person who is actually consciously choosing her partner. We love this program for the close step by step advice you will get out of it. 

Curious? Awesome – we really recommend you check out Amie the Dating Coach here