Academic Singles

Academic Singles is place for educated people to find each other. With a success rate of 40% and over a million members, the matchmaking website has become extremely popular amongst intellectuals and professionals around the world. Furthermore, most users are between 35 and 54 years of age, have a higher income and there is a decent balance between male and females.


The registration process is relatively easy although there is quite a bit of information needed. Along with the basics, you can talk about the food you like, holidays, sports, tv shows etcetera. Within those selections, choose between the various options and rate them. For example, among the sport you like, you can include soccer and give it up to 6 stars.

Once you create your account and fill in the basics, upload a maximum of 5 images and tick a box if you want others to see your photo. If you choose to remain private, your image will appear blurred until you give an interested member access.

Personality Test

The site has an extensive personality test and uses a scientific matchmaking system to ensure that you will be matched with partners that suit you. Questions include your characteristics and attributes you want in a match and all the steps of the test are required. None of the questions are actually about intellect since it focuses on your personality.

How your responses are analyzed

Your personality profile responses are an evaluation of your characteristics which are scaled and linked to the following: Rationality vs. Emotionality, Tradition vs. Innovation, Distance vs. Attachment and Observation vs. Feeling.

For example, an analysis if scaled under Observation vs. Feeling would be: Balanced, with a tendency towards observation.

What makes the site different?

A few things make the site’s system fairly unique. Women are allowed to send free messages and you can remain anonymous for as long as you want even though you have already been exchanging messages.

Another cool idea is that you can choose from a list of 12 prewritten questions to send en masse to your matches and then choose who you want to speak with based on their responses.

Some of the questions are:

  • If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
  • What makes you laugh? Surprise me!
  • If we met at the bar, what would happen? The receiver can then choose to answer the question or not.

Free vs Premium

  • Only premium members have access to unlimited messaging.
  • Free members can send one message to each match.
  • As previously mentioned sending messages for women is free.
  • Assigning favorites and viewing last visitors are only for premium members.
  • Free members messages are blurred.

The App

The app is very user friendly and pretty much works the same way in which the website does. It is unfortunately only available on Android Smartphones and not Iphones and it is free to download. One of the major positives is that it is has no ads and push notifications are available so that you can know when you have a new match or message.

Overall, the app and website are cleanly designed, easy to use and with a proven success rate. It is a great place for busy or lonely academics and professionals to find a partner.

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