50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Written by celebrated relationship author and expert, Michael Webb, 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships is a guide which addresses most of the common issues relationships face by providing the simplest solutions to enhance the state of your marriage.

Very few couples are able to maintain a long-term marriage that works, even fewer of those apparent successful relationships are unions where the couples are truly happy. While no relationship is without its flaws, there are certainly ways of reigniting the honeymoon period from your first days of dating and extend the life of your relationship.

However, since your first date, you are probably experiencing more of life’s responsibility and stress and find that it affects everything in your relationship from the way in which you communicate, to the amount of time you spend alone together or even how much effort you put into romance.  

Therapy and counselling offer great couples counselling, but some of the solutions are so simple, you have probably thought about it, but may have been too insecure or overwhelmed to implement it.


Webb, who has based this process on his own 21 years of blissful marriage, aims to guide you along the challenges you face. Some of the more practical areas covered are:

  • How to stop fights for good, with 8 ways to have an argument without hurting your partner.
  • Fifteen ways to handle in-laws.
  • How saying ‘no’ can strengthen a relationship.
  • The nine warning signs that your relationship could be coming to an end.

Further solutions are provided with:


Money and the way it is spent greatly influences the state of a relationship. Find:

  • Three strategies to resolve financial issues causing a strain on the relationship.
  • The reasons why some spouses overspend with three ways to solve the problem.

For the more romantic side of your relationship:

  • Fifteen secrets to make room for quality time together.
  • Discover how romance novels, travel magazines, luxury home publications and soap operas can KILL your relationship.
  • Six secrets to a great sex life which you can get started with immediately.

If you have children, or are still thinking about it, discover:

  • What your children desire more than anything else.
  • The single biggest mistake couples make after having children that often destroys their relationship.
  • The best time to have kids.
Additional Themes include:
  • Can a relationship with different religions work?
  • Dealing with and supporting your partner when he/she is depressed.
  • Can you really change your spouse?
  • How to survive a temporary separation.
  • Marriage mistakes that often cause divorce and how to avoid them.

A blissful marriage is the foundation of your home and the basis for a lifetime of happiness and success. The peace and joy from such a relationship affects your health, state of mind and your professional life. While we all need to generally improve the way in which we relate to each other, society can only benefit from more happy couples who contribute to the well-being of the world.