201 Relationship Questions

Being in a relationship can be a great thing. It can be empowering and a path to a greater self. Unfortunately relationships can also be detrimental and a source of emotional warfare. No relationship starts off this way, otherwise why would one choose to pursue a relationship? Over time things begin to fall apart and relationships begin to seem more like hell than heaven. For those who want to pursue and commit to their relationship, counselling is often a good option to help fix relationships. However professional help is often very costly. This is why “201 Relationship Questions” is such a great book. The key to solving any relationship problem is communication. One has to know the right answers to ask to prompt the correct dialogue that will be beneficial to the relationship. This book gives a whole list of questions that can be used to solve almost any problem that may occur within a relationship. Some examples of questions presented in this book are: “What should I never say to you, even in anger?”, “How can I listen to you better so you feel completely heard?” and “What does unconditional love mean to you?” The powerful questions in this book will help you and your partner draw out deep seated emotions, desires and conflicts and help you communicate them more clearly. Not only will the questions benefit your relationship but you will spend more quality time together when having these conversations. Quality time is a key component for a successful relationship. This book is perfect for couples. Not only beneficial for couples in distress this book will help strengthen an already prosperous relationship. Furthermore “201 Questions” will help relationship coaches with their careers. These questions are great templates from which to base discussion points with for clients.

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