You can heal your life

There are certain times in life when out of a sudden, everything changes. 

No matter if you lose a loved one, get a bad health diagnosis or go through deep emotional change. Life is not always easy, or beautiful. It can be hard to live through these periods in life. For the outside world, your colleagues and friends, everyday hustle continues as usual. It seems like only for you, life just made a turn that came out of a blue. Probably, this period feels somewhat out of control. 

Especially in a time of social media reflecting people living ‘perfect lives’, transitions that we did not choose by ourselves can be daunting. 

No matter what you are going through now, you do not have to go this path on your own! With this wonderful book, Louise Hay beautifully gives advice and guidance through the difficult times in life.

With her book, you will learn step by step how to take back control and heal your life – for the better. Hay understands how to be empathetic and powerful at the same time. Moreover, this book can be your guide in finding meaning in your current situation. Hay is convinced that we make our life by shaping the experiences we have. Therefore, hesitate no longer. A transition, no matter how hard or bad the circumstances may look like, are always a chance, too. A chance to find meaning – or create. A chance to heal yourself. To heal your life. 


Heal your life