Work through your feelings

Emotions are a vital part of wellbeing. The way we feel often times gives insight into how we experience life. On the other hand, being overwhelmed by emotions or ignoring them can lead to a certain disconnection with our inner selves.

Therefore, working through your feelings is as important as experiencing them. After all, you may not want to live a life dictated by your emotions. 

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is a psychologic approach that addresses emotions in an insightful way. The practice of EFT evolves around identifying, exploring, accepting and transforming emotions. 

If you want to start working through your feelings to experience a deeper connection to yourself, this book may be the best starting point.

Emotion-Focused Therapy by Leslie S. Greenberg introduces you to the principles on EFT. Firstly, you will learn everything about the nature of emotions and their variety. Getting better grasp of the subject, you will then be guided to work with and through emotions. On the one hand, Greenberg pays attention to painful emotions and their (hidden) benefits. On the other hand, you will learn how to exactly work with primary emotions – and when to exchange them with transformed emotions.

Curious? We understand! 

Not only is this book beneficial for yourself. Further, it gives insight on emotional intelligence in social context. Thus, you will gain insight on how to apply emotion focused coaching in parenting or professional context. 

Consequently, this book is your perfect read to understand the basics of emotion focused therapy yourself. It is a great guide to learn more about your emotions, how to handle them and finally work through these. Reading this book and applying the techniques can help you to build a more emotionally balanced, happier life.

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