Transform your energy to change your life

The quality of your life and your personal well-being are generally in alignment with the energy you are surrounded with. No matter if it is the people you choose to spend time with or the places you go: everything has a certain energy to it. If you are currently not happy with where you are at, chances are, this can change. All you may need to transform is the energy. 

What it’s about

In 2005, Shirley and Murray Ansell discovered this for themselves and founded Life Energy Coaching. This coaching approach is based on the assumption that energy can change anything. With the wisdom of their discoveries, you can benefit and learn for yourself.

The people behind it 

Shirley and Murray are a couple with one shared vision: to transform your life to the better! Shirley is of Lebanese-Armenian background. Being raised in a male-dominated household, she experienced a lot of pressure to succeed from early on. After following the path chosen by her family for some time, she decided to go her own ways and pay more attention to the unique beauty of things. Thus, as a coach, she highly focuses on strengthening you within your own, unique power. Murray is a life energy coach with great leadership, also applying his knowledge within the business field. He has a passion for sharing his insight of energy field transformation. His professional experience reached many CEOs and business owners to date. 

What they offer

In order to introduce you to energy transformation and making your life great, Shirley and Murray offer several different programs. Therefore, you can exactly choose what is of value for yourself. On the one hand, they offer modular programs to transform your life by shaping your consciousness and energy. Further, the couple also offers Life energy coaching solutions for individual life situations that need customised service. What is more, if you are a Life Coach or aspiring to be one, you can get a Life Energy Coach certification with them.

Where to start

If you are new to life energy coaching, we recommend you start out with their e-book. It is called “Human Energetics” and claims to be a fast track to loving your life. This book will introduce you to the theories of energetics. The authors propose to spend about 15-20 minutes reading on it per day to get the full benefit out of it. Thus, you will learn what life energetics are all about, why they matter and how you can change your personal happiness, relationships and also your mind to be happier and more fulfilled. 

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