The Power of TED

The core theory of the Karpman Drama Triangle is based on the three roles of dysfunctionality: The rescuer, victim and perpetrator. This does sound quite negative, however there is a positive alternative and this is: The Empowerment Dynamic. In this theory, the victims becomes a creator, a rescuer becomes a coach and a perpetrator becomes a challenger. The Empowerment dynamic is best encapsulated in David Emerald’s book, “The Power of TED”. In this book we are told the story of the main character David, who is stuck in the victim paradigm. Through his story, David will meet various guides who will teach him the Empowerment Dynamic. Though the ideas of the Karpman Drama Triangle and The Empowerment Triangle are presented as a simplistic story, one will gain deep insight from it. Thousands of people have been helped by this book to escape victim hood and empower their lives. This book is guaranteed to change your perspective on how you and other people deal with conflict. It is ideal for those seeking to attain more satisfying relationships and work lives. Furthermore this book also offers cutting edge tools for coaches. Most coaches will know about some form of Drama triangles. The best and most relevant solutions to overcoming victim hood and dysfunctionality are presented by this book. As a coach you’ll easily be able to integrate The Empowerment Dynamic into your repertoire. Truly a revolutionary book, “The Power of Ted” is a must read.

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