The healthy nutrition habit app

Want to change your (food) habits, but can’t quite stick to a new schedule on your own? No worries – habit got you covered!


Habit is a personalised nutrition app – easy for you to access over your smartphone anytime, from anywhere. 


In a 3 step process, you first learn about your current state when it comes to health. By firstly sharing a few information about your cholesterol levels, activity level and personal wellness goals, the app collects data about you. Calculating this data, habit translates it into your personal healthy habits. In a second step, you can now learn how to get your results. Habit gives insight into how your body handles carbs, proteins and much more. In this way, you learn how to optimise your nutrition to get the results you are looking for. In a third step, you receive your own nutrition plan, including a daily food guide, top-ranked foods in each category and personalised recipes. Building healthy habits has never been easier! 

What we love about it 

Habit is great for many reasons. Firstly, we love the clean, fresh design of the app. You immediately want to use it. The images of healthy recipes are so catchy that you immediately want to start eating these vegetables. Comfort food literally loses out here! Further, the app is super intuitive to handle which makes it ideal as a daily companion. It’s basically your new good habit friend! Moreover, habit is like your diet doctor. By taking into account your personal levels of activity and e.g. cholesterol, it can do much more than just spit out some nice recipes. This app is truly personalised for your own needs which we probably love most about it. 

Why you should get it 

If you consider changing your daily habits in an easy way, habit is the right app for you! It is on your side from the first step on this journey on and can be your guide for a healthier, more active and fuelled lifestyle all way long. Featured by Forbes, Fortune magazine and many more, habit is your daily go to when it comes to a balanced nutrition within a busy lifestyle. 

Get habit here