The emotionally sensitive person

Did you ever wonder if you are more sensitive to emotions than other people? Do anger, fear, but also happiness easily affect your life? Then this book is for you!

The emotionally sensitive person 

Being an emotionally sensitive person means that you experience emotions quicker, more intense and often longer than other people. It may mean that your feelings actually dictate your day – and that you cannot predict how to react in certain situations. Sounds unpredictable? Well, to a certain degree it may be. However, if you can relate to these descriptions, do not worry! 

Emotional sensitivity has its upsides, too. It most likely means you experience all positive emotions, e.g. happiness, wonder, even love, probably stronger as well.

However, in order to give your life the certain amount of stability required to reach a constant level of happiness, managing your emotions is key. 

With this book, you learn to understand emotional sensitivity and then to take direction. With help of The Emotionally Sensitive Person, you no longer are a victim to your emotions, but rather can direct them in a healthy way to lead a happier life.

The author

Karyn D. Hall is a psychologist, completing her doctorate in child and adolescence psychology at the University of Virginia. She is an author, public speaker and director of the  Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center in Houston. Hall published multiple books by today with The Emotionally Sensitive Person being one of her bestsellers. 

Why we recommend it 

If you can relate to sensitivity towards emotions and are ready to manage those, we highly recommend this read. It can serve you as a step by step guide to learn understanding your feelings, practice mindfulness and then direct them in a healthy way. Each chapter is very relatable and comes with small exercises which make the book a practical tool at the same time. It is an affordable way to start managing your emotions. Further, you can access it as book and audible version alike. In conclusion, this makes it the perfect fit for your emotion management on the go, whenever suitable to your daily schedule. 

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