Roadmap to a meaningful midlife

Your 50s are certainly a time of transformation. Out of a sudden, you are at mid-life: a lot of experience with you, a lot of life before you at the same time.

The change and adjustments coming with this period might be scary. However, they can also be great instead!

The way you make use of the golden years in your life depends 100% on you. They are, what you make out of them. Some people may choose to become a bit more comfortable and slow it down. This, however does not have to be your approach! 

At that point, Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife kicks in. It has been created by Positive Change Coach Mary Radu. Radu is convinced that your 50s can actually be the beginning of the best time in your life, if you use them accordingly! 

No matter if you want to finally travel to some favourite destinations, become your own boss or invest your time in a meaningful project: being 50 and fabulous is so doable! 

With Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife, you 

  • find your vision for the future
  • understand your choices, taking into account the unique realities of your life
  • take conscious action to bring your vision into reality

This coaching tool comes super affordable and convenient in multiple DVDs. You can easily use it from home and digest the content to your own time schedule. 

Wait no longer and make the most out of this time in your life! Your Roadmap