Ready to travel the world with Fluent Forever

Master a new language so you can master a new world. 

Sounds huge, and so it is. Probably nothing is quite as powerful as speaking a new language. Not only is it great for business skills, but also allows you to travel and dive into a new culture. Understand different people, exchange on view points, see a new part of the world. 

Read until now? Great – keep reading. 

The where-you’re-at-now part 

Obviously, we don’t exactly know where you currently are at in your life. Maybe you feel a bit stuck in everyday working life and need a break. Maybe even consider a sabbatical. Or you recently graduated and figured, there is plenty of freedom now and you want to explore. Or you just realised, you actually never left your home town, country of origin or continent.

No matter what’s your situation, it is never too late – or too early – to master a new language. 

The challenging part 

However, you may say, there are obstacles. For one, time, of course. Probably you cannot commit to a weekly Spanish class due to your schedule? On the other hand, you may really want to learn Chinese, but the really good teaching services are too expensive? As always – we got you covered 🙂 

The greatest challenge to learning a foreign language is the challenge of memory, the author of Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It Gabriel Wyner admits. After all, there are plenty of new vocabulary, grammar rules and phrases to learn and keep. 

Therefore, this is where his recipe – or should we say – language hacking? – takes off. 

The brain hacking part 

The best solution to the challenge may just be to tackle the challenge itself!

In this book, Wyner deconstructs the learning process that takes part in our brains when exposed to a new language. In this way, he demonstrates how to build any foreign language in your mind from the ground. Be assured – his methods are far from anything your language teacher used at school! 

Instead of boring repetitions of the same words over and over, or grammar rules page by page, Fluent Forever addresses your natural learning behaviour. 

Wyner starts of with pronunciation, so you learn to rewire the sound of foreign words  into familiar sounds. Training your tongue with tricks from acting and opera, you learn how to pronounce these words correctly. With innovative repetition technique, you then learn how to store this new vocabulary in your long-term memory. Above all, Wyner’s techniques help you to accomplish these results fast – and long-term memory lasting. 

Fluent Forever is not your usual linguistic guide. Rather, it’s an exciting and highly innovative approach of learning any language you desire by combining linguistics with highly topical neuroscientific research. 

The ultimate benefit part 

Deciding for Fluent Forever may just be your most valuable choice of the day! Firstly, this is your probably most affordable approach to tackle a new language. Moreover, the applied strategy is highly effective. You will literally learn any new language in a few free minutes per day. May it be on your daily commute to work or during a free hour in the evening – learning a new language was never as easy – or fun – as with this book. 

Finally, Fluent Forever opens the door to the ultimate benefit of all: travelling to your favourite country, actually having the conversations you dreamed of, becoming a local where others are foreigners. 

This is your key to experiencing a new world