Mind Power Global: Change your habits, no matter your starting point

The idea behind it 

Everyone has fears and limitations. Everyone also has a GIFT. When you learn how to let go of the fears and limitations, you can share your gift with the world by saying “How Can I Make That Happen Now?” Mind Power Global is a program aiming to change results globally.

The person behind it 

Lynda Dyer is a winner – and will make you one, too. The Australian author earned several degrees with distinction, including her masters from University of Oregon and  as facilitator of the Bob Proctor Academy. She has published multiple books on self-development, is coaching and has been featured as public speaker on global platforms as TED. What makes her special are her enthusiasm, great inspirational skills combined with empathy. Lynda Dyer is the person you want to trust to change the habits of your life in a mindful way. 

What you can get out of it 

This website will change the quality of your life – one habit a time! No matter if you are struggling with self-doubts, suffer from the daily struggle with a chronic disease or are in a process to accept your aging process: Lynda Dyer is committed to help you make the best out of it. Mind Power Global is based on the idea that anybody can overcame obstacles and lead a happy life. The secret is how to approach it. 

The websites offers you books on challenging subjects, blog posts to interesting and seasonal topics . Moreover, you even have the option to take part in trainings. We recommend the bestselling book “You can make it happen now” to start of with. Thus, you are challenged to take a glance into your own mindset and transform your habits beginning with your thoughts. Further, to dig deeper, make us of the personal coaching offers. Mind Power Global provides your personal development plan with one-on-one sessions, training material and much more! 

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