Gifts Differing

The key to self-development is a deep understanding of oneself. For centuries humanity has worked on creating a system which can be used to categorize and subsequently understand one’s personality. One of the crowning achievement of this effort is the MBTI. Based off the principles of Carl Jung, The MBTI ideology as described in this book flawlessly explains why archetypes are so important in understanding and quantifying human nature. Written by Isabel Briggs Myers, whose namesake is represented in MBTI, and Peter B. Meyers, the authors are direct contributors to the MBTI ideology. There is no better place to gain information than straight from the creators themselves. For over 25 years this book has been the preeminent source for understanding the MBTI. You’ll learn so much more than just what the different personality types are. You’ll learn about who they are in marriage, as children, how they learn, the careers they gravitate towards, and the functions and methods of judging/perceiving. This book is the perfect introduction to the MBTI. It is simple enough for even those without any prior knowledge to understand and it goes into enough depth for those seeking to gain greater insight into MBTI to appreciate. This book is ideal for those that want to gain a deeper understanding about themselves and for those who wish to understand others so that they may help others along their respective paths.

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